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I understand that the "Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft" Home Academy will reveal ancient secrets of controlling Magick energy. Not only will I be able to bring Love, Wealth, and Protection into my life - but I will be able to use Magick to bring the life I have always dreamed - step-by-step!

I also know that when I place my order through the secure order form, I will receive the 399 page "Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft" manual, 7 DVD's full of astonishing Magick demonstrations/tutorials, and the Progress Tracker sheets (so that I always know exactly what I am supposed to do next)!

And I know that if I order today, I also receive 5 FREE bonus gifts which include: (1) The "Ultimate Love Spell Mastery" course including manual and DVD, (2) The Limited Edition "Witchcraft Masters" audio CD, (3) Free Shipping, (4) The Hidden Bonus Course On An Astonishing - But Very Controversial - Advanced Form Of Powerful Magick (includes manual and DVD which I will receive exactly 30 days after I get everything else, for my protection), (5) Lifetime Membership To Rose Ariadne's Inner Circle Including Updates To Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft

Here Is Exactly What I Get With
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The 399 Page "Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft"

It includes:

Reveals the ancient secrets of controlling your Magick energy to change your life
Includes easy step-by-step instructions for hundreds of beginner thru advanced spells (including spells to bring Love, Protection, and Wealth into your life)
All techniques of spell casting that make sure spells work (and will "flip"any failed spells to make them succesfull)
Full step-by-step beginner tutorials on how to get started fast (includes casting a Magick circle, creating your sacred space, dedication rituals, and much more!)
Includes a proven step-by-step formula for creating your own spells that can bring you anything you desire in life
Even more detailed advanced Magick spell walkthroughs (for Love, Money, Protection, and more!)
How to see the future using Divination, Scrying, Channeling, Tea Leaf Reading, and more
The "secret sentence" you can use to get anybody to accept your belief in Witchcraft
Exactly how to use Magick Crystals, Herbs, Oils, and dozens of Witchcraft tools to bring astonishing results to your spells
Quizzes and exercises at the end of each chapter so you will reach the "3rd Degree of Witchcraft" (so you become a master of every technique and spell)
Summoning secrets for calling Watchtowers, Elements, Spirits, Dieties, and Ancestors to help you with your spells, and bring more powerful results fast!
...and much, much more! (I can't possibly list everything here)


7 DVD Set Of Magick Tutorials And Demonstrations Containing Over 10 Hours Of Video

The DVD's include:

Step-by-step demonstrations and tutorials of beginner spells for Love, Wealth, Protection, and more (so even beginners can see exactly how to cast the spells)
Special talk and "words of wisdom" before each demonstration
5 Astonishing intermediate Love spell demonstrations (see exactly how to use Love Magick to clear the path for Love in your life)
Secrets of candle, poppet, and mirror Magick
10 high-powered spell demonstrations from the massive spell index (protection, healing, romance, binding, stopping problems, banishing, and more)
3 different "insider" Magick techniques of making a failed spell work
Presentation of a special formula for writing your own spells to accomplish anything! (once you master this technique, you can literally write a spell for any purpose, and make it work)
Full demonstrations of every part of casting a spell (including creating your altar, casting a Magick circle, meditation for power, creating a sacred space, and more)
Shocking divination demonstrations including: tea leaf reading, scrying, and a special divination technique using a common object in every home (once you follow the easy demonstrations, you will have the secret to "seeing the future" with Magick)
A variety of demonstrations showing you how to raise your level of Magick power when casting any spell (these easy techniques will almost guarantee success of any spell)
5 Advanced "Money Magick" spell demonstrations (you'll see how easy these specially designed spells work to bring money, success, and wealth into your life)
Potent spell demonstrations using a variety of Witches tools (including a demonstration show you how to create a powerful Magick tool in 9 minutes!)
Full demonstrations on inviting spirits, dieties, ancestors, and watchtowers into your spells (you will also learn to "channel" their thoughts and get answers to your most burning questions about life)
5 advanced Protection spell demonstrations (plus an extremely powerful demonstration of a strong protection spell using candles and mirrors)
and more!

Progress Tracker Sheets (so you will know exactly what you are supposed to do next)

FREE BONUS GIFT #1 – Ultimate Love Spell Mastery ($97 Value)

WARNING: Do not open this bonus package until you have gone through the Home Academy completely! These spells are "on the edge" of what is ethical when using magick.

The manual and DVD include:

Step-by-step instructions and DVD demonstrations of over a dozen advanced love spells for bringing new love into your life (there are 3 spells in particular that will bring you random romantic encounters)
"Love Return" spell tutorials and demonstrations for reaching out to the heart of a lost love to reunite their heart with yours
Controversial spell demonstrations to attract a specific person to you (these spells are "one the edge" of Witchcraft ethics, but are very powerful for getting that special someone to see your good qualities - and fall for you)
"Love Stopper" spells that will end a relationship easily and quickly (and with less grief and heartache)
3 potent spells for increasing your "attraction meter" (warning: when using these spells with the "random romantic encounters" spells, you may end up with more attention than you can handle!)
"How To Turn Up The Heat" Love spell guides and demonstrations (these spells can actually bring more passion into an existing relationship, and bring you closer)
...and more!

FREE “HIDDEN” BONUS GIFT #2 – Powerful But Controversial Advanced Course ($97 value)

WARNING: Extreme caution must be taken before you use the material in this Advanced course! It contains controversial spells for advanced Witches only!

You will receive this free bonus exactly 1 month after you get everything else. (This is to make sure you will not try to use the information before you are ready)

This bonus course includes:

42-page manual with complete step-by-step information on a highly advanced and controversial type of Magick

(NOTE: Please keep the Witchcraft responsibilities and Code of Ethics in mind when using the Magick in this bonus course!)

DVD with complete video examples of the spells! Also includes lecture material describing situations where this powerful Magick can be used, and when it should be avoided.


FREE BONUS GIFT #3: Limited Edition Witchcraft Masters Audio CD ($79 Value)

The CD includes 2 full hours of interviews from experienced Witches where some shocking secrets are revealed including:

The truth about spells coming back to you "times 3" (and why this isn't always true)
The secret to casting spells even if you are missing some of the ingredients (and why you can sometimes get better results if you "improvise")
How to tell your friends and family about Witchcraft without them thinking you are "weird"
How your age can effect your spells
The first (and most important) thing any beginner will ever do in Witchcraft
The truth about why spells really work (this is the single biggest secret on how to do successful Magick)
How to discover why a spell didn't work, and how to "fix it" 
Why Magick is not "evil" (and why people who say that have no idea what Magick is to begin with)
How to communicate with the spirits of lost loved ones 
Why Magick works just as well working by yourself (even in your own house)
The earth's little secret that has given Magick powers to everyone (all you need to do is "connect" to Magick)
How long it takes spells to work (it depends on the spell, and there is a secret to speed up the results)
The truth about exactly what Magick can do (you'll be amazed at what is possible)
...and more!
FREE BONUS GIFT #4: Free shipping! ($15 value)

FREE BONUS GIFT #5: Lifetime Membership To Rose Ariadne's Inner Circle With Updates To Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft

Your lifetime membership includes:

Periodic updates to the information in the Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft Home Academy (including new spells, rituals, techniques, and more)

Magick knowledge continuation with the other insiders through email and forums - Rose Ariadne will lead the group through further Advanced Magick techniques

Note: the insider group will be limited to a certain number of people, once that number is reached both the Home Academy and Insider group will be unavailable. By signing up today, you guarantee your lifetime membership spot.

Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft
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