Rose Ariadne

Rose has been studying ancient forms of witchcraft for over 27 years, and has bundled all of her knowledge (along with her Grandmother's secrets) into her Home Academy course package,

Rose has helped all of her 1986 students (and counting), in over 25 different countries, attract wealth, love, protection, and good luck into their lives with the universal Magick energy every human being was born with.

"I was shocked how quickly my life changed when I followed her simple steps... and if a clueless atheist can cast real Magick spells that actually work... anyone can..."

How A Broke, Love-Sick,
Desperate 31 Year-Old
Atheist On The Verge Of A
Nervous Breakdown Accidentally
Discovered Real Secrets For
Releasing "Hidden Energy"
With Powerful Magick Spells
That Changed His Life...
Almost Overnight!

"If someone had told me where I'd be today, I never would have believed it... but now I'm living proof that some Magick actually works!"

From: Rose Ariadne

Dear Magick "Seeker",

4 years ago a series of miracles occurred that changed a man's life.

These miracles didn't happen by chance.

He released secret energies of the universe to "create" these miracles.

I showed him how... and I'll tell you how to do it too if you read every word of this letter.

When I first saw him in line at the grocery store, I knew something was wrong.

He hadn't shaved in days... possibly weeks. He looked dirty and unhealthy. But most importantly...

There Was A Look Of Quiet
Desperation In His Eyes...

I can't stand to see someone else suffer. Something inside me was screaming that I should help him... but I wasn't sure what to do.

Minutes later, I was in the parking lot putting my groceries into the car when I saw him out of the corner of my eye.

He was 2 spaces over, climbing into an old dented pickup truck, and as he shut the door a piece of paper fell out onto the ground.

I hurried over to the door and knocked on his window to make sure he saw it. I was surprised when he looked up because...

He Had Tears Streaming Down His Face...

I've seen a few people hit "low points" in their lives. I've been there myself... and maybe you have too. But this poor man had hit rock bottom. He was suffering.

I asked if he was okay, and he began pouring his heart out to me.

Sometimes it's easier to talk about your problems to a complete stranger.

Before I knew it I was sitting at a nearby coffee shop listening to him talk about the deepest problems in his life.

One month before that day he had a good job as a computer programmer, a nice girl friend, and a small (but comfortable) condo he was renting.

His job was boring to him, and he wasn't completely happy. But at least had had something.

2 Weeks Later Everything Had Changed...
And He Sank Into A Deep, Dark Depression

It started with the death of his best friend... his grandfather. He was crushed, and he never even got to say goodbye.

He used every ounce of inner strength just to make it into work the next day. Little did he know, the bad news had just begun...

The first thing he saw on his desk was a strange piece of pink paper.

It was a message to all employees that their building was closing.

Everyone Was Getting Fired

His heart was already bleeding... and now he didn't have a job.

He hadn't saved a dime and had no idea how he'd pay the rent - or any of his credit card bills.

His depression deepened, and he began to withdraw from the world.

Then, about a week later, his heart was cut in two.

His Girlfriend Uttered Some Of The
Cruelest Words He'd Ever Heard...

"I've met someone else."

As she walked out of his condo for the last time, he collapsed on his bed... sobbing uncontrollably.

He was completely broke.

His grandfather (and best friend) passed away.

His got fired form his job.

His girlfriend broke his heart... and destroyed his self-esteem.

... and his landlord was threatening to evict him.

He had nowhere else to go.

He Was On The Verge Of A
Nervous Breakdown...

He told me he didn't care if he lived or died. There was nothing for him to hold on to.

He didn't even believe in a higher power.

He was an atheist.

I couldn't take it any more. I had to do something.

We started meeting at a local park 3 times a week at lunch.

He didn't believe I could help him, but I made him promise to try the things I was about to teach him.

First I was his friend, then I became his mentor when...

I Showed Him My Grandmother's
Secret Magick Techniques...

First I had to prove to him that Magick is real. (Don't worry if you are a skeptic, I'll prove it really works if you keep reading.)

He loved it... so I began to show him a new spell or ritual every time we met.

From the moment he cast his first spell, his life began to change... overnight.

I Knew He Had To Pay His Rent...
So I Showed Him A Money Attraction
Spell From My Grandmother's
Old Book Of Shadows...

A few days later he received an unexpected tax refund check for the exact amount of his rent... to the penny.

His rent every month was $950.

His refund check was for $950 on the dot!

The check didn't cover the fees for the complex, clubhouse, and swimming pool... but I think you'll agree this was more than just a simple "coincidence".

It was a direct result of the Magick energy he released when he cast my Grandmother's spell.

But that wasn't all...

That same day, he got a call from the president of a local law practice who wanted to hire him as the office manager...

For A Salary Of $95,000 Per Year...

He had been recommended to the president of the company by a close friend.

He accepted the position on the spot and started work the next week... even though he'd never been a manager before in his life.

He felt a surge of confidence and happiness he hadn't felt in many years.

... and the moment he received his first paycheck, he felt as if he were dreaming.

Suddenly he had enough money to pay his rent and all of his bills. Plus, he had a lot left over to pay down his credit cards, buy a nice gift for his mother for Mother's Day... and put the rest into savings, or spend it however he wanted.

... all from his first paycheck, for just 2 weeks of work!

His Very First "Money Attraction" Spell Quickly Created Long-Term Financial
Prosperity In His Life

He told me how grateful he was the next time we met in the park.

I knew the spell I gave him would work. I was so happy for him.

But behind the smiles, I could still sense his inner pain.

It Takes More Than Money To
Heal A Broken Heart...

Love is the most powerful force in the world... and the pain that comes with a broken heart can be unbearable.

I knew he couldn't be truly happy until he had someone to shower with all the love in his heart.

As I sifted through thousands of ancient spells in my grandmothers antique "chest of Magick" (I'll tell you all about it in a couple minutes). I found a unique Love Magick spell that had helped me, and so many others find Love in the past...

I prepared everything he needed... and during our next meeting in the park, I showed him how to cast the spell.

He was overcome with excitement... and hope.

He took the basic ingredients I gave him, and that night he followed the 5 simple steps I showed him to cast the spell.

But when I saw him one week later, I could see his disappointment...

There's Only One Reason The
Love Spell Didn't Work...

He kept "wondering" when he'd meet the love of his life.

Ever since he cast the spell, he was constantly thinking about how quickly he'd see results.

You see, he'd already seen how quickly Magick attracted the job of his dreams... and he couldn't help his excitement... anticipating the true love it would bring.

But this time, he broke one of the biggest rules of Magick.

After casting any Magick spell, you must go on about your life and let the Magick energy of the spell do its work.

Constantly thinking about your spell after you've cast it reduces it's power.

... and since he kept thinking about the spell, it failed.

Once I explained this to him, I told him to do the spell again that night... followed by a simple ritual that would help him to relax..

Something Magickal Happened
Before Our Next Meeting

While he was having lunch with a good friend, he saw her.

He described it as an uncontrollable "magnetic" attraction.

When their eyes met in the restaurant, he could feel the draw... and he "knew" she'd come to the table...

Sure enough she moved to the table... and they both said "Hello" at the same time.

It Quickly Became The Most Intense And Passionate Love He Would Ever Experience...

... and when his ex-girlfriend tried to get him back, it was impossible. He had found true love.

Now, 4 Years Later He Has A Life Beyond His Wildest Dreams...

Our weekly meetings in the park still happen to this day.

He knows the power of Magick, and I'm constantly showing him more powerful spells and rituals.

... and his life has gotten better, and better, and better with every spell he casts.

He operates his own successful business from the comfort of his own home... making more money than he ever dreamed.

He's deeply in love with his wife... the same girl he fell in love with after casting the love spell I gave him over 6 years ago.

They live in a beautiful house... and they have a beautiful baby girl.

... and in his spare time he helps me run this website.

He is very good with computers, and he agreed to help me as a "thank you" for all I showed him.

His Name Is Ash Rowan, And He's Got Some Very Important Words For You Now...

Click the 'play' button above to hear Ash tell his story...

Thousands of people around the world have used these same Magick techniques to attract wealth, love, luck, and happiness into their lives too... and I owe it all to my Grandmother.

...the whole world is open to me in ways that I was never aware of before...

(Click the play button above to hear what John said)

..And this is what he wrote after he followed the DVDs and Manuals to do his self dedication...

Hi, Rose

I have done my dedication ritual from your Mastering The Magick of Witchcraft Home Academy and feel more "magickal" and witch-like already.

It's hard to explain really, sort of a mixture of inner peace and confidence and a knowing that now the whole world is open to me in ways that I was never aware of before.

Thanks for introducing me to the Craft. I feel, at last, as if I have "come home".

Bright Blessings,

John C.
Catasauqua, PA

"This is not like the phony spells you find on the Internet. The Magick in your
course is actually REAL."

Dear Rose,

After suffering severely from multiple sclerosis and bowel disease for the last 12 years, I am glad to say that your course has allowed me to achieve a brand new life!

After being housebound for the last 8 year, I am now out 3 times a week with friends who share the same interests... and I'm also driving again!

How wonderful that my whole outlook to life has changed, and it's full of happiness!

This is not like the phony spells you find on the Internet. The Magick in your course is actually REAL.

My sincere blessings to you Rose.

Love and Light,

Michelle Cosford
Bolhhurst, England

She showed me most of the spells when I was very young... but it wasn't until after she passed away that I discovered everything she kept secret.

I Finally Found Out Where Her Magick Secrets Came From… And I Discovered That
She Didn't Even Show Me Half Of
What She Really Knew...

3 years after she passed away, I was alone in her attic (I missed her so much, I could almost feel my broken heart), I looked up through my tears and saw it out of the corner of my eye...

In the corner of the room was a cobweb covered trunk. It was dusty and obviously very old.

It had different Magick runes engraved on the outside, and when I clicked the latch and opened it up – I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were literally hundreds of old manuscripts, loose pieces of parchment, and books so old they were starting to crumble!

I felt like I was in a movie, and had just discovered a hidden treasure chest… but in this case it was a treasure of ancient Magick knowledge and practices of very old Witchcraft traditions.

Somehow, I feel my Grandmother meant for me to find it, and carry on these Magick secrets (some dating back to the early Druids, Shamans, and other ancient Magick practitioners)…

Much of the material was written in strange tongues, different languages, runes, and Magick based scripts. Luckily, my Grandmother (and others) had spent painstaking hours translating all of it to English... and after a little effort I was able to read and understand all of it...

In the last couple years I've run across many books and teachings on this subject...

But the things I discovered in that trunk -- the spells, rituals, and other powerful techniques -- are the most effective methods of connecting with and controlling Magick energy that I've ever come across.

There were secrets in there that gave me goose bumps...

I vowed, at that moment, to make sure this knowledge was not lost.

So I began the journey of creating my life’s work. (and it's finally done, I'll show you everything in a moment)

"My health is 125% better, and I'm just starting the romance with the
guy I fell for!"

Dear Rose,

I need to thank you, your expertise has truly helped me along.

My health is 125% better, and I'm just starting the romance with the guy I fell for!

The first time I asked you for advice about romance and is sparkling 2 weeks later.

Now my life is filled with love and health... and passion!


Mercedes Aguirre
Bridgeport, Connecticut

"I have become a much better
mother and student, just from
the calming effect you've
had on me

(Click the play button above to hear what Mary said)

Hi Rose my name is Mary Smith, I go by Fran - and I'm new to your program.

I just recently purchased it a couple weeks ago. I haven't really gotten into the Magick part of it. I've been studying for 5 years and always had problems with some of the mechanics. I was stressing myself over trying to get every little thing right.

By the little bit (so far) I have read or seen in your manuals, and on the videos, I am learning to relax and realize that I must let it come naturally.

I have to say that since starting your program, I have found a new me. I am more calm, and I try to live by the rule of 3. I don't want to ever hurt anyone.

I have become a much better mother and a better student, just from the claming effect you've had on me. And, I just wanted to say Thank you. I live in Oklahoma City, and it's kinda hard here because we're in the middle of the bible belt... but my family understands. Well, you have a wonderful day, and brightest blessings to you.

Mary Smith.
Oklahoma City
, Oklahoma"

I Used Magick To Create A Life Filled With Miracles, And You Can Too...

I am Rose Ariadne, and I have been practicing Witchcraft for over 27 years. Much of what I know came directly from the ancient Magick techniques my Grandmother showed me (and what I found in the trunk in her attic).

Have you ever wondered if Magick is "real", and maybe you can create miracles too?

Well, you can. And it will be easy for you, because...

I will show you exactly how to do what I do. (so that you can experience the wonders of the Magick my Grandma showed me)

First, I have a question for you:

Have You Ever Heard The Phone Ring
And Knew Who It Was
Before You Answered?

...and the instant this happens - you were connected to the hidden energy that makes all Magick possible. But I'll show you the secret of "plugging in" to this power all the time.

Imagine what you could do with this energy if you knew how to use it!

Once you understand the exact steps to harness this power, you can use it to accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams...

You can use your Magick to get anything you want in life, including :

Ending your money problems by creating a certain path to wealth
Finding somebody special to Love, who deeply loves YOU
Protecting yourself and your loved ones from all harm (including physical harm)
Drastically improving your physical and mental health
Becoming more attractive to both men and women
Healing ailments in yourself and in others
Avoiding break-ups by helping to remove negativity and bad feelings from a relationship
Bringing true (and lifelong) friendship into your life by increasing your overall appeal to others
Gaining inner confidence
Speaking to spirits to get their help (yes, you can also communicate with relatives that have passed away)
Curing a broken heart
Increasing your fertility
Losing Weight
The possibilities are endless – you can use your power to attract anything you desire

"Your Golden Spider Spell has brought varying amounts of finances
at different times.

Dear Rose,

I used your Golden Spider spell about three weeks ago and it has brought varying amounts of finances at different times.

I still continue to put money in my dish once a week and whenever something good happens.

Thank you very much for your teachings. I am enjoying and learning much from your Mastering Magick Witchcraft home studies, it is truly amazing what you can manifest when you know how to channel your energies.

Blessed Be,

Janisann Salas
Las Vegas, Nevada

"While I am new to the course, I have found that my life is changing..."

(Click the play button above to hear what Terry said)

Hello my name is Terry. I'm calling to express my admiration and appreciation to Rose for her kindness and loving outreach in her course.

While I've never met Rose in person, other than by email, her love for people, her kind heart, and her desire to share her years of knowledge are conveyed throughout the course.

She has personally provided me a gift. While I am new to the course and I have only partially worked through the program, I have found that my life is changing in subtle ways.

There's a new sense of personal peace and a continual desire to learn moare about the craft. I know as I continue to apply the principles of the course, there will continue to be more changes in my life.

I am handicapped and one of the many things I like so far about the course is the freedom to choose the things that I think are right for me at this piont in my life. For example, due to some of my disabilities I am unable to do some of the suggested rituals.

However, Rose taught me that I can do them in my mind.

I'm really really glad for the freedom that this course offers. I've worked some of the spells with a measure of success.

Thank you Rose so very much for the personal gift and the blessings that you give.


Terry Mooke
Pillow, Pennsylvania

Why Anybody Can Use Magick To
Change Their Life, Even You

The truth is, Magick energy can be controlled by ANYONE willing to discover and practice these ancient techniques.

You see, Magick energy surrounds everything on Earth – including you and me.

It's right in front of your nose, but most people are so caught up in their daily lives that they are blind to this energy, and how it works "behind the scenes".

Now I'm going to give you the 2 simple secrets for controlling Magick energy...

1. First, you must open your heart to the power of Magick by having full belief that YOU can tap into it's power. AND...

2. Second, you need a teacher who can show you "step-by-step" how to use the ancient secrets to control your Magick energy. Not just any teacher, but the right teacher for YOU...

Once you have both of these, you will be amazed at how easy it is to create miracles with Magick - and how your life will change.

"Your course is helping me feel better than I've ever felt before... and my partner is more loving and
affectionate than ever.


Your course is helping me to feel better than I've ever felt before. I'm even helping my partner with your course, and I've started to see a new "her" I've never known suddenly appear out of nowhere. Her depression is gone, and she's more loving and affectionate than ever.

Thanks a lot for what you have done.

George Marsh

Ordinary People Who Know These Secrets
Tap Into The Magick Of Earth's
Hidden Energy Every Day


5 Life-Changing Magick Truths:

The U.S. government spends $70,000,000 a year on "psychic" research. Psychics are used by the FBI and CIA to solve major crimes, locate missing people, find missing planes, and more! Psychics use the same hidden energies that make Magick possible.
There are thousands of regular people that use the "6th sense" (ESP) to see future events. Even scientists agree that ESP deserves careful study. ESP uses the same energies as Magick.
Magick energies come out of your blood, fingertips, nose, and eyes. They can kill yeast and other micro-organisms in 5 minutes – proven by Professor Otto Rahn at Cornell University.
Quantum Mechanics researchers have proven that sub atomic particles in the brain can transfer information to other particles, which then act on that information and cause future events to occur.
Wicca is the fastest growing religion in North America and is based on Magick. It is recognized as a valid religion by the U.S. government. The rights of Wiccans are fully protected.

Thousands of people are using powerful Magick in the United States right now.

Have you ever considered the FACT that you have powers RIGHT NOW that you aren't even using? And I'm not talking about the power many people "claim" to have, but cannot prove.

I'm talking about REAL powers that can change your life dramatically in the next few weeks.

"I did one of your spells last night, and had a call with a job offer this morning!"

Dear Rose,

I am using the things in your course to empower myself.

I did one of your spells last night, and had a call with a job offer this morning!

Thank you for your help!

Warm Wishes,
Barbara Mansfield

"I cleansed myself, and let my thoughts go, and I felt a lot better!"

(Click the play button above to hear what Cynthia said)

Hi Rose, my name is Cynthia Mare, and you've been sending me your lessons. I just practiced one.

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. I've been very tired for the past couple years, with no energy.

I sat down and lit my candle, and let my energy flow. I cleansed myself, and let my thoughts go, and I felt a lot better!

I was very impressed with that. I know where the magick comes from, and it was from what you taught me, and I appreciate that.

I just wanted to say "thank you", and make sure you know that I really enjoy what I'm learning from you, and I'm looking forward to learning more.

Take care and have a blessed day!

Cynthia Mare
San Antonio, Texas

Love, freedom from money worries, protection, healing – you can have anything you want. But...

You have to be very careful what you do next. I don't want you to end up like so many others...

Why 95% Of People Searching For Magick Are Breaking My Heart...

Using Magick was always easy for me because I had an amazing teacher (my Grandma). But the sad truth is...

There are a lot of desperate people who turn to Magick for help - but fail.

They were never shown exactly how...

...and there is so much false and useless information being sold about spell casting, many people not only lose their money... but they lose their faith.

Then, when the Magick spells fail, and nothing in their lives gets better - they are told it is their fault. And then...

...they stop believing. They give up on the miracles Magick can bring them, if they were shown exactly how to use it.

You need to be very careful who you listen to.

"From the first email (newsletter) that I received from you, I truly felt as if I knew you. Somehow, I instantly trusted you, and for that I'm glad."


As you probably know by now, I've purchased your course. I'm so glad that I did it.

From the first email (newsletter) that I received from you, I truly felt as if I knew you. Somehow, I instantly trusted you, and for that I'm glad.

Thank you again, and again.

Celeste Crevier
Mississauga, Ontario

"Everything you have taught me so far has helped me and my family live
more successful lives.

Dear Rose,

I thank the universe for guiding me to you.

Everything you have taught me so far has helped me and my family live more successful lives.

I can't say thank you enough for sharing your talent and love of the craft in a healthy way. You are truely goddess sent.

Thank you for sharing a large part of your life with so many people that need your help.

With much gratitude,

Cindy Murz

Discover The Secrets Of Magick And
Unlock Your Powers By Following
The Path Of Truth

You don't have to waste your hard-earned money on bad information.

You don't have to be frustrated by spells that just don't work.

You don't have to give up on Magick and all of the wonderful things it can bring to your life.

Instead, you'll become a part of a very special group of people who know the real secrets of controlling Magick energy.

Secrets that have existed for thousands of years...

Secrets given to you by a special teacher who cares about you.

Secrets that will show you exactly how to control the Magick energies within you.

... and once you discover them, you'll attract miracles to your life that you have always desired... any time you wish.

Is Your True Love Just Around The Corner?

How "Lonely Anne" Used Magick
To Find Love, FINALLY!

When I was young, my friend Anne (she doesn't want me to reveal her real name, so we'll call her "Anne") became very intrigued with the Magick I had been learning. When she saw how easily I used Magick to find true love, she came to me with a problem...

She couldn't get any attention from men. She couldn't get a boyfriend because she was very shy, like me.

She felt lonely and ignored. I wanted to help her.

Not only did I show her how to connect with her own Magick energy, but I showed her (step-by-step) how to tap into that Magick to bring Love into her life...

Then... one night she cast the spell perfectly...

She was certain she'd finally find "Mr. Right".

A few days passed and just when Anne gave up on the spell, thinking she had done something wrong, a wonderful thing happened...

...that afternoon she was at the grocery store, and there he was!

He was drawn to her, even though he was nervous about meeting her. She thought it was cute and they dated passionately for the next 6 years...

Nothing like that had ever happened to Anne in her entire life. The spell worked. And the biggest reason why it worked was...

She allowed it to work when she "gave up on it" - and actually stopped obsessing about when she'd meet a boyfriend!

Anne learned this important lesson, and it changed her life. As soon as she"gave up" and started getting out of the house, back to her normal routine - the Magick spell took effect...

"I did one of your simple love spells and I met a really nice guy 2 days later...we're going on our first date this weekend!"

Dear Rose,

I haven't had the chance to completely get through the entire program and dvd's as of yet, but even so, something wonderful happened!

Not only have I been able to release a lot of negativity inside of me, but I did one of your simple love spells and I met a really nice guy 2 days later.

We're going on our first date this weekend!

Not bad for just getting through a few chapters. :) I'm sure as I get further and further through the course, more wonderful things will await me.

Thank you Rose!

All my best wishes,

Sue Delli Santi
Randolph, New Jersey

"The spells in your course have turned my man back into the man I knew years ago."


The spells in your course have turned my man back into the man I knew years ago.

He's kind, loving, gentle, and caring. When he touches me, my heart just melts.

He still has his anger that he battles, but he doesn't take it out on me verbally now. He realizes what he's doing and stops himself.

Blessed Be!!

Your Student,

Debbie Lansdowne

I Can Also Show You Powerful Magick Techniques That Create An Iron-Veil Of
Protection Around Everyone You Love... Keeping Them Safe And Happy

Using Magick to protect yourself and your loved ones is more important now than almost any other time in human history.

Bad things are happening to good people every day because the world is full of emptiness, false hope, and negativity.

Terrorism, economic problems, poverty, natural disasters, and violent crimes have made many people scared of life.

But there is hope...

I'll show you how to cast amazing spells of protection. You'll have the power to keep bad things happening to you and everyone you love.

You can cast spells to protect people from anything. From something small like causing a falling book to "just miss" your bare foot... to much bigger things like protecting your loved ones from people trying to hurt them.

I personally use very powerful spells of protection for me and my family - to keep everyone safe. You can do this too, I will take you by the hand and show you... step-by-step.

There is another kind of "harm" that real Magick can protect you from...

Your Magick Powers Can Rid Your Life Of
Money Worries, And Clear A
Steady Path For Wealth...

Read every word in the next 2 sentences very carefully...

If you use the ancient "Money Magick" techniques I will reveal, you can create instant opportunities to get rid of money worries forever. Even to create large sums of wealth.

"So far I have recieved enough money to pay next months rent, and have money on hold for February's rent."

Dear Rose,

I performed your simple money spell to increase funds, pay bills, and keep a roof over my head.

So far I have recieved enough money to pay next months rent, and have money on hold for February's rent.

Now I'm working on the miscellaneous bills for both months.

Thank you!

James Warner

"I have been getting interviews for jobs, I have been looking for over 6 months."

Dear Rose,

Thank you so much for the spells in your course, especially the internal cleansing.

As of last week I am finally getting interviews for jobs, I have been looking for over 6 months. And I just got a scholarship on line.

My life is improving immensely, and I have you to thank.


Sheri Hedgecock
Round Rock, Texas

The "Money Magick" spells and techniques I will show you can control your hidden energies in a special way. These energies will influence your fate and "breathe" wealth into your life.

Just look what happened to my old friend Jason...

Jason's Story...

My friend, Jason always struggled with money...

He never went to college and didn't have any real skills (except that he liked to draw). He had a hard time finding a good job and was barely able to pay the bills on his small apartment.

Things got much worse after he got romantically involved with a very troubled young lady. He got her pregnant.

She already had 2 kids of her own, and she couldn't hold down a job...

At this point Jason was $20,000 in debt, and had to work as a waiter just to put food on the table. And... his debt actually grew larger every month because he had to pay some of his bills with credit cards.

He was feeling desperate.

That's when Jason called me to talk about his situation. He asked if I could use Magick to help him.

I said, "No." Then I said...

"You Can Do Far More Powerful Magick For Yourself Than Anybody Else Can..."

I told Jason he could perform much more powerful Magick if it came from inside of him. I simply needed to show him how to control Magick energies to effect events in his life.

Of course I could cast a money spell for Jason, and he would have seen some results. But it is far more powerful when the spell comes from HIS heart alone.

I showed Jason exactly how to cast a spell to clear a path for wealth in his life.

He put all of his natural energy into it, and he cast a powerful money spell that would change his fortune, forever...

Two days later...

...he got a call from an old friend he barely could remember. This friend mentioned a very high-paying position that had opened up at a Hollywood Studio - for an artist!

He called the manager, and they "clicked" - almost instantly!

The manager liked Jason so much that the studio paid for his art design training. They also immediately hired him as a creative artist bringing in over $100,000 a year!

Jason went from being buried in debt, buying food for his family on credit cards - to making more money per year than he ever dreamed...

Magick changed his life, and it can change your life too.

Magick creates stories like Jason's every day. But some people still refuse to believe in Magick...

You may even hear people say that miracles like Jason's are just "coincidence".

When I Hear People Say That Magick Is Just "Coincidence", I Have To Laugh...

The events that occur in every day life are a direct result of hidden energies in the universe. The bigger the “coincidence” something may seem - the more influence Magick energies had on the outcome.

You were born with the power to create so-called "coincidence" by controlling the Magick energies surrounding you. You just need someone to show you how...

"I did the first health spell and it worked just as you said it should... even faster than I expected."


I wanted to thank you for the health spells you included in the course. I did the first health spell and It worked just as you said it should... even faster than I expected.

In the aura of light I could see the sickness evaporating away and being replaced by the color of elation.

Before the spell I was lethargic. I suffer from bipolar disorder and I
usually feel very depressed. After I cast your spell, for the first
time in a long time I feel like life is wonderful! I'm actually happy,
for the first time in a long time.

Of course I expect that the effects of the spell are just starting. I
just completed it But the initial results are awesome!

Thank you so Much!

Janelle S.

"Rose, I Know Magick Is Powerful,
But Can It Be Evil?"

The modern Witch of today does not even believe in "Evil" or "Satan" in any form. You see, Witchcraft and Magick draw on the natural hidden energies of the Universe...

And this energy is “good” right down to it’s core. You have probably felt how good and pure Magick energy is without even knowing it.

Have you ever been in a forest, or in the mountains – away from cities and towns? Did you ever stand there, take a deep breath, and gaze at all of the beauty around you?

When you open your heart to nature like this, it is amazing how you find total peace. In moments like these you are in touch with Earth's Magick energy...

The "Hidden Energy" Fueling Magick Is Like A Piercing Ray Of Light Through Darkness!

Magick energy is "good", but unfortunately, some people have discovered how to take this naturally positive energy, and use it to cause harm.

How do you plan to use Magick?

Do you want to make it easy on yourself, and use your power to do good things? Or, do you want to cause harm?

We all have a choice to do good or evil.

Here are 3 examples of "good" that has been done with Magick...

Local Shaman’s (witches) in the West Indies, led revolts against slavery – saving hundreds of people from a life of beatings and hard labor.
Criminal cases have been solved using FBI “psychics” (psychics use Magick energies to solve crimes)
Addictions and physical sickness are healed in people every day with Magick using "Metaphysical" methods.

The truth is, Magick and Witchcraft are NOT Evil. They never were.

You see, most people who believe that Witchcraft is "Evil" have never been in touch with Magick energy. They don't understand it and label it as "Evil".

When you use my secrets to create miracles in your life, all the people who doubted you will finally understand how "good" Magick really is. (or you never have to tell anyone what you are doing.)

Don't Worry What Your Family, Friends, or
Co-Workers Think About Your
Belief In Witchcraft...

Certain people do not understand the power of Magick. Sometimes they even look down on people involved with Witchcraft...

You are in touch with powers that other people don’t realize exist. These powers give you huge advantages in life, and most people will never have that chance.

Maybe certain members of your family or friends don't understand these hidden powers.

A strong word of warning: Once you begin to harness the true power of Magick, you might want to keep it a secret from people in your life who don't understand it.

If you feel you must tell them, I know of 3 special techniques to gently "persuade" people to understand you.

And when you use the techniques, most people will begin to realize you are a special and "gifted" person. They will understand that you have developed certain “powers”.

It all starts with understanding how Magick works... and laying the "myths" to rest...

"I did one of your money spells yesterday... and they are sending
me a check for $2000!"

Dear Rose,

I listen and learn from everything you send me.

I wanted to let you know that I did one of your money spells yesterday, and a most peculiar thing happened.

Many weeks ago a man had barely bumped my car with his. It had been raining out.

Right after I did the spell yesterday, his insurance company called me about the accident.

They appraised the damage to be $2000 dollars which shocked me, because he barely hit my bumper!

Anyway they are sending me the check for $2000. I have decided since my car runs fine and the damage is hardly noticeable, I will use the money to pay my bills and to treat my younger son getting straight A's in school.

The money couldnt come at a better time!

Thank you Rose for always being there!


"The same day I did the spell, I found five $20 bills on the ground!"

Dear Rose,

The simple money spell you sent me is one heck of a charm!

The same day I did the spell, I found five $20 bills on the ground on campus! It was awesome!

Thanks for all your help, Rose.

Your friend,

Raven Willis

3 Common Magick Myths:


You have to be "gifted" to do Magick and practice Witchcraft. Not just anyone can do this.

Truth: Anybody can do Magick. Everything on Earth (including YOU) is surrounded by a "hidden energy". This energy connects everything in the universe. The right knowledge is all that is required to control this energy to perform powerful Magick.


Witchcraft (and Magick) is Evil.

Truth: Most people practicing Magick don't even believe in the concept of "evil". In fact, there is far more "evil" being done with political, physical, and financial power than with Magick.


You need expensive Magick tools to cast spells that work.

Truth: You don't need ANYTHING but yourself, and your belief in the power within you. My secrets can show you exactly how Magick will change your life with nothing other than your heart, spirit, and mind. (Of course tools CAN help in certain situations, and I will show you these too).

The Magick Energies Giving You Power To Protect, Heal, Gain Wealth, And Find Love
Are Around You - Right Now!

Everything in the entire universe is connected through an invisible energy. This energy is used to perform Magick. And...

This energy is a part of YOU. It connects you to everything on Earth.

The energy you need to cast effective Magick spells radiates from the earth – and all things that came from the earth. Every rock, tree, crystal, and...

This Magick energy is within you always. But most people will never tap into it.

You will.

I will reveal these secrets to you - step-by-step.

"Your wind chime spell... brought wealth and luck to both of us."

Dear Rose,

I have greatly enjoyed your course.

I wrote you asking for suggestions for magick you can do without a home or on the move. You gave me very small adjustments to a few spells. Like your windchime spell which I needed to hang at a friends house. (It brought wealth and luck to both of us.)

Your magick worked once again.

Not only do all the spells I've tried in your course work, but they pull me back to my own inner strength.

Thank you, for keeping me on track by doing no harm and being a great example of what Witchcraft should be.

Bright Blessings,


"I did a spell for a job, and just got a new job that doesn't require me to travel!"


Even though I I've only had your course a short time, I would like to say thanks. I started the spells, and I figured a new job would be a good place to start.

I did a spell for a job, and just got a new job that doesn't require me to travel!

It is even better than the specific job I cast the spell for. It's the job I have always wanted, but never thought I could get!

Thanks again,

Cherie Reed

It Has Taken 27 Years Of My Life To Create The First Ever "Witchcraft Academy In-A-Box"


I poured all 27 years of my Witchcraft experience into it.

This is my heart and soul... and it's all in there for you.

I carefully studied every piece of Magickal knowledge handed down from my Grandmother... every spell, every ritual, every technique for connecting with Magick energies...

My "Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft" Home Academy Contains Information That
Can't Be Found Anywhere Else On Earth

I included spells and rituals from old manuscripts, files, and even my Grandma's massive Book of Shadows...

I also discovered special core Witchcraft techniques I now use to connect to Magick "instantly" anytime I want to.

I took a lifetime of Magick secrets (and spells) I personally use everyday - and placed them all into my enormous "Witchcraft Academy In-A-Box".

Now, I will "take you by the hand" and together we will unlock the powers that have always been within you. I will show you step-by-step, how to use Magick to get everything you want in your life.

"'s almost like a personal teacher, in my own home just for me. It's exactly what I needed and wanted."


I am very happy with the course. I am just starting Unit 3.

Since I am a solitary I am finding this very helpful, it's almost like a personal teacher, in my own home just for me. It's exactly what I needed and wanted.

Your DVD's are the reinforcement I need. I am a true believer of "things happen for reasons" - and the day I found your website, is exactly one of those things.

Donna Stewart
Corning, Arkansas

Whether You Are A Beginning Or A Practicing Witch Seeking To Better Your Knowledge Of Magick, Your Journey Has Ended Today...

You are special. The fact you've read this far is proof you believe.

...and because you believe, you are already connected to the Magick energy of the universe.

As you go through my Home Academy In-A-Box, I will guide you through each step carefully and easily to attract anything you desire in life...

"This really is a complete collection of information and everything
you said it would be!

Rose Ariadne,

Your Home Academy course is fantastic! I just received it a week ago, and it is helping guide me down the path of Witchcraft in a very fun and informative way.

I appreciate how you cover every topic with out a lot of jumping around. I am able to take my time and even go back to areas that I am not yet ready to tackle without getting confused.

This really is a complete collection of information and everything you said it would be!

Thanks again for all the hard work and I am really enjoying learning from you!

Many Blessings,

Lori Lewis
Maryville, Tennessee

No matter how advanced you are with Witchcraft, I will develop your powers to higher levels.

Do you still wonder if you are using Magick to your greatest potential?

Maybe you aren't getting the results you want, and you don't know what you are doing wrong. Or...

You feel like you have reached a "dead end" with Witchcraft, and you just aren't sure where to go next.

My Home Academy In-A-Box will show you techniques of connecting with Magick energy thousands of years old. And, I am going to gently guide you through Intermediate and Highly Advanced Magick tutorials that will unlock your full Magick power.

Introducing, "Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft: The Ancient Secrets Of Magick For Love, Wealth, Protection, And A Life You Have
Always Dreamed"

You'll discover how to:

Cast powerful Magick Love spells that will clear the path for Love, and bring it into your life

Use Magick to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm

Quickly and easily write your own Magick spells and rituals to get anything you want (this is one of the most shocking sections of the Home Academy, where you become a master of the "Magick Science")
Get rid of your money worries forever by clearing the path for wealth, fortune, and success
Gain maximum Magick power from Earth’s elements (like water and fire) and exactly how you can use them to increase the effectiveness of any spell
Heal yourself and your loved ones of sickness and ailments
Use the Magick energy in other people to double the power of your spells
Make your health better (including losing weight!)
Increase your fertility so that you can have a baby
Communicate with spirits (even relatives that have passed away) and use their power in the spirit world to help you in your everyday life!
Stop smoking by using a special ritual that targets Magick forces to remove your craving for smoking.
Cure a broken heart (Magick provides a perfect solution to release bad feelings and heal the heart)
Gain confidence, so that you can be more outgoing, and even become more attractive to the opposite sex (this ability can change your entire life!)
See the future and the past by the Magick power of Lucid Dreaming and Divination
Discover the truth about ANYTHING in your world (this is a special technique of sending your Magick energies out as "feelers", to discover the answer to any question you have)
Bring good luck to you and everyone around you, and create a stream of miracles in your life
How to interpret your dreams and reveal the secrets they hide (some of your dreams hold hidden truths about things in your life that will shock you)
Attract other people to you by forcing them to see your special hidden qualities (this can be used for both friendship and romance)
Become more beautiful (or handsome) - both inside and out!
Discover the ultimate purpose in your life, and use this knowledge to get your most intimate desires

"I've read just about every book on witchcraft there is, but I feel even more connected to wicca and nature than ever before after beginning your course. "

Dear Rose,

I've read just about every book on witchcraft there is, but I feel even more connected to wicca and nature than ever before after beginning your course.

Somehow listening to, and seeing a real person gives real meaning and purpose to the lessons. The checklist is fantastic and tends to ground each lesson for me, so I can complete it before moving on to the next.

The course is a real blessing and worth every penny!

Blessed Be!

William Saltsman
Indianapolis, Indiana

"I tried one of your money spells the other day and found three £20 (about $80) notes on the floor in different places."

Dear Rose,

I tried one of your money spells the other day and found three £20 (about $80) notes on the floor in different places. This stuff actually works, thanks a lot!

Aaron Poppe
Dartmouth, England

Everything That Is Mine Is Now Yours
In The Never Before Released,
"Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft"
Home Academy In-A-Box

399 Page “Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft” Home Academy Manual


My special transcripts inside, reveal the ancient secrets of how to unlock Magick power in you step-by-step. You will master everything from the basics thru advanced levels of Magick.

It includes:

How to cast beginner love spells, step-by-step (This section includes simple but very powerful love spells, including a special candle spell that has never failed me)
See Unit 4, Page 6
The 3 things that "fuel" Magick, causing it to get the results you want (most people don't even know about at least 1 of them, and it's the biggest reason why spells fail)
See Unit 1, Page 29
How to cast some beginner protection spells, step-by-step (each of these simple but powerful spells will use an "iron veil" to protect you and your loved ones from physical, mental, and emotional harm) - See unit 4, Page 12
Why belief in the outcome of a spell is so important to it's success (and exactly "how" to believe) - See Unit 1, Page 28
How to cast some beginner money spells, step-by-step (includes a secret "money growth" spell to get rid of your money worries forever) - See Unit 4, Page 9
How to create 2 types of "sacred space" for casting spells (using both of these at the same time can double the effectiveness of any spell you cast) - See Unit 1, Page 37

51 extremely potent intermediate love spells (I walk you through each step of bringing love into your life using this unique kind of Love Magick) - See Unit 4, Page 23

WARNING: Some of these love spells can bring you the love of a specific person - only to be used in desperate circumstances (keep your ethics in mind!)

How to choose the right "Witch name" to use (and why picking the right one increases your core Magick energy) - See Unit 1, Page 49
31 step-by-step, high-powered, advanced money spells (if you have money worries, I will guide you through each advanced money spell to clear your path to Wealth and Success) - See Unit 5, Page 54
How to easily create your own personal Book of Shadows (and how to boost it's power by adding something close to your heart when you make it) - See Unit 2, Page 21

Huge list of over 99 highly unique intermediate spells (each spell is categorized and ranked according to difficulty, with my step-by-step instructions)
See Unit 5, Page 2

Spell categories include:

  • More love spells and relationship spells
  • More protection spells
  • More money spells
  • Banishing
  • Divination
  • Luck
  • Purification
  • Truth
  • Beauty
  • Weight
  • Binding
  • Weather
  • And much, much more (too much to list here)!
A step-by-step "7-minute ritual" most people don't do (it will multiply your belief increasing both power and success of your spells) - See Unit 3, Page 29
How to create your own spells that do anything you want - step-by-step (I'll give you my own proven formula you can use to create any spell, and make sure it works perfectly!) - See Unit 4, Page 54
How to use 24 Witchcraft tools (they are optional, but you'll discover how to introduce them into you later spells to get even more amazing results) - See Unit 4, Page 1
The secret of "flipping" a failed spell into a ritual (I've used this many times to make a spell work when I thought it failed) - See Unit 3, Page 47
The real and shocking history of Witchcraft (including the 2 keys to "power balance" used in ancient times to bring harmony to your life) - See Unit 1, Page 16
How to see into the future, step-by-step, using Divination and why it really works (discover 10 easy ways you can see the future of your life and avoid anything negative that you see) - See Unit 4, Page 14
How to use astrology to find out what Magick energy you are "charged" with (not being in tune with this simple knowledge is the biggest reason spells fail, and people quit)
See Unit 3, Page 36

Highly advanced love spell "walkthroughs" (I'll walk you step-by-step through each of these Love Magick techniques and spells) - See Unit 5, Page 82

Warning: some of these spells are highly controversial (because they are so effective in bringing love) and should only be used in desperate circumstances. Please remember your ethics when casting on a specific person!

How you can use colors, symbols, and amulets to get stubborn spells working (I'll also show you how to create a Magick tool out of an object everybody has in their homes - to bring more power to your spells) - See Unit 4, Page 20
The real truth about numerology and why it effects every part of Magick (if you ignore your"life path" number I show you, some of your spells may never work and you would never know why) - See Unit 6, Page 23
The easy 3 minute meditation that will give you the 6 "golden keys" to cast a successful spell
See Unit 1, Page 32
How to cast some beginner luck spells, step-by-step (there are 2 spells that will not only bring you good luck, but steer you away from bad luck!) - See Unit 4, Page 9
The responsibilities you have as you begin to use your Magick powers (you will also find out how to stop "Magick backfire" from ever happening) - See Unit 1, Page 23
How to "channel" hidden information about your life and others from the sprit world (I'll walk you through a very powerful way of doing this, so that you can even get information about the future) - See Unit 5, Page 89
How to create a Magick Circle before casting an important spell (and why not doing this right can make any spell go horribly wrong) - See Unit 3, Page 18

A little trick you can do using candles to magnify your spell results, and make the results happen faster (you'll discover exactly why the flame itself speeds up the process) - See Unit 4, Page 20

How to celebrate every major sabbat (and how to use sabbats to recharge your Magick energy)
See Unit 3, Page 40
Special step-by-step spell walkthrough for protecting your home and everyone in it! (Uses a powerful blend of candle and mirror Magick for maximum protection) - See Unit 4, Page 3
Why some spells require certain positions of the moon and planets (and how to easily use a free ephemeris to make sure you cast spells at the best time) - See Unit 3, Page 39
How to build up the natural Magick energy around you even more with special Music and Dances
See Unit 3, Page 68

How to use the "secret sentence" to get anyone to fully accept your belief in Witchcraft - See Unit 2, Page 17

How to choose the perfect deities (Gods/Goddesses) to align yourself with (doing this right will draw extra power from your deities for use in your spells) - See Unit 2, Page 27
The secret of using "triggers” to do Magick instantly, on the fly, even while walking around town
See Unit 4, Page 59
All about Witchcraft symbols, including the pentacle and pentagram (and why they are not evil, but actually protect against evil) - See Unit 3, Page 8
2 quick daily rituals that will increase your connection with your Magick energy (doing these will remove limitations on your Magick) - See Unit 3, Page 24
How to easily create your altar in your own home (and the secret of "cleansing" your altar for different spells to make sure you get the results you want)
See Unit 3, Page 12
Full list of Magick Crystals, Herbs, Plants, and Oils, and why they must be used in certain spells (you'll also find out exactly what each one does for the results of your spells) See Unit 4, Page 26

The easy checklist I use to find out why a spell failed (and cast it again to make sure it works)
See Unit 3, Page 45

30 advanced and extremely powerful protection spells (this advanced protection Magick will make sure you, and people you love are protected in any situation)
See Unit 5, Page 70
Tea leaf reading secrets (and how you can tell future events by looking at the bottom of your cup) - See Unit 6, Page 16
How to use a Magick alphabet to release specific Magick energies into your spells (and why certain "runes" can add power to spells) - See Unit 6, Page 31
How to practice Magick for “Scrying” (the easy method I show you will allow you to see future events unfold in a reflective surface in your house) - See Unit 5, Page 92
How to uncover the real meaning of your dreams (I will show you how to reveal the secrets they hold for your future, and the danger that you may need to avoid in the present)
See Unit 6, Page 13
The secret of calling spirits, elements, watchtowers, and deities to protect and help you with your spells (you'll see how to give these helpers specific instructions to make your Magick even more powerful)
See Unit 5, Page 95
Everything you ever wanted to know about Covens, including where to find them, and how to pick a good one (even though my Home Academy is for people going "solo", I will show you how a good Coven can take your Magick to a new level) - See Unit 3, Page 58

A list of healthy recipes that contain foods that will enhance the natural Magick energy you already posses
See Unit 3, Page 70

Full plan for reaching the 3rd degree of Witchcraft (you'll find out how you can easily get the "3rd degree", so you can cast the Advanced Magick spells very effectively) - See Appendix Page 6


7 DVD Set Of Magick Tutorials And Demonstrations Containing Over 10 Hours Of Video!

The video demonstrations cover every single page of the manual, so you can see EXACTLY how to use my Magick secrets to change your life.



The 7 DVD set of Magick tutorials and demonstrations include:

Introduction to the DVD’s, and what to expect (and some safety warnings to avoid unpredictable Magick results)
See DVD 1, Chapter 1
Full step-by-step video demonstrations of beginner spells you can easily follow along with (love, money, protection, and more) - See DVD 5, Chapter 2- 5
A warning about Witchcraft ethics when casting advanced and controversial spells - See DVD 1, Chapter 3
5 shockingly effective intermediate love spell demonstrations (you'll discover the secret to focusing the power of these potent spells to target only people you will be interested in) - See DVD 5, Chapter 13 - 14
Quick and easy 2 minute Witchcraft History (reveals the one secret all cultures using Magick have discovered)
See DVD 1, Chapter 2
"How to create your Altar and Temple" demonstration (includes cleansing and purifying of your space so your spells cannot backfire) - See DVD 1, Chapter 7
Secrets of candle, poppet, and mirror Magick
See DVD 4, Chapter 9
Step-by-step video demonstrations of 10 high-powered spells from the spell index (includes spells from these categories: Protection, Healing, Romance, Binding, Stopping Problems, Banishing, and more!)
See DVD 6, Chapter 5- 12
Mediation for magick demonstration (I'll show you step-by-step how easy it is for Meditation to increase spell power, and why most people do it wrong) - See DVD 1, Chapter 6
How to write your own spells that really work (this table demonstration will reveal the secret of using a proven formula to create spells for every purpose!)
See DVD 6, Chapter 2
The truth about how Magick really works (understanding the shocking facts revealed here are important keys to successful spells) - See DVD 1, Chapter 4
5 advanced "Money Magick" spell demonstrations (find out exactly how to do Money Magick spells to open your path to wealth, and get rid of money problems for good!) - See DVD 6, Chapter 13 - 15 & DVD 7, Chapter 1
"How to divine the future using Tea Leaf reading" video demonstration - See DVD 7, Chapter 15 - 16
Tutorial on how to turn around a "fizzled" spell to get it to work (I reveal the 6 things you must do to make sure every spell you cast gives you the results you want)
See DVD 4, Chapter 2
Video demonstration of exactly how to create your sacred space (follow this, step-by-step to purify your aura to get the power to use Magick to your full potential)
See DVD 1, Chapter 5 - 7
"How you can use Witchcraft tools to increase your Magick power" (includes full demonstration of creating a powerful Magick tool in just 9 minutes)
See DVD 3, Chapter 3
A simple demonstration on an easy ritual to connect with divine forces to raise your Magick energy (knowing how to do this right separates successful spells from failures)
DVD 3, Chapter 11
3 powerful video demonstrations on "How to invite spirits, ancestors, watchtowers, and deities into your spells" (the secrets revealed here actually show you how to get more power from them for faster spell results)
See DVD 7, Chapter 9- 13
Demonstration of Sabbat rituals, for Wiccans (step-by-step demonstrations, and how you can recharge your Magick energy during Sabbats) - See DVD 4, Chapter 3
Example of creating a "trigger" (so you can cast spells "on the fly" in any urgent situation)
See DVD 6, Chapter 4
Step-by-step walkthrough for discovering the secrets hidden in your nighttime dreams (you will be amazed at what you discover about your past, and your future)
See DVD 7, Chapter 14
Complete home protection spell demonstration using candle and mirror Magick (one of the most powerful home protection spells I'll show you)
See DVD 4, Chapter 10
Demonstration of how to create your Book of Shadows (you'll find out how to enter your spells in your Book of Shadows to increase their power over time) - See DVD 2, Chapter 3 - 4
"The Magick of Channeling" video demonstration (you will find out exactly how to get secret information about your life from the spirit world) - DVD 7, Chapter 5 - 6
How to create your Magick circle demonstration (you will be able to use a special technique to enhance your protection while you cast any spell) - See DVD 3, Chapter 7
"Secrets of raising spell power to cast spells that don't fail" (you will find out how to use Runes, Numerology, Music, Dance, and Food to make sure your spells work)
DVD 7, Chapter 17
Step-by-step "Dedication ritual" example (most don't even do this extremely important ritual, and if you follow my steps you will be way ahead of most)
See DVD 1, Chapter 9 - 10
"How to see the future using the Magick of Scrying" step-by-step demonstration - See DVD 7, Chapter 7 - 8
Demonstration of a 2 simple "daily devotionals" to increase the connection with your Magick energy (even if you miss a day, you will notice how much more reliable your spells are)
See DVD 3, Chapter 8 - 10
Secrets of using Astrology in your Magick (includes example of using Astrology and "Moon Magick" to multiply the power of a spell) - See DVD 3, Chapter 13
A full divination demonstration using a common object found in your house (you can instantly begin "seeing" the future following this example) - See DVD 5, Chapter 7 - 8
Healing ritual in a Magick circle demonstration (follow these steps to use the amazing power of Healing Magick, to heal ailments in yourself or your loved ones)
DVD 3, Chapter 12
5 advanced protection spell demonstrations (I'll show you how to easily cast these powerful spells for maximum protection of your home, yourself, and your family) - See DVD 7, Chapter 2 - 3
...and much, much more!

Progress Tracker Sheets – So you always know exactly what you are supposed to do next!

Starting with the first basic steps on up through the powerful advanced spells, you will know exactly what your level of power is.


Your "Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft" Home Academy In-A-Box will guide you easily and gently through each step of controlling Magick energies. If you simply follow the steps... can start casting more powerful spells than you ever imagined in as little as 2 days after you receive it.

The best thing is – I'll be sending you A LOT more...

You Also Receive 5 Free Bonus Gifts Showing You My Most Advanced Forms Of Ancient Magick Spells And Techniques


FREE BONUS GIFT #1 – Ultimate Love Spell Mastery ($97 Value)



Easily achieve ultimate mastery of the most advanced Magick love spells

WARNING: Do not open this bonus package until you have gone through the home Academy completely! These spells are "on the edge" of what is ethical when using magick.

Make sure to review the ethics and responsibilities of Witchcraft before using this powerful bonus to bring amazing love into your life. It includes:

Step-by-step "Ultimate Love Spell Mastery" manual, guiding you carefully through the extremely advanced love Magick spells and techniques.

You will discover Love Magick secrets that will:

  • Open doors in your life for random romantic encounters
  • Target a specific person and increase their love and attraction for you
  • Take romance of a relationship you are already in to higher levels
  • Bring red-hot passion into a relationship
  • To reunite and bring a lost love back into your life
  • To break up or break off a relationship quickly and easily
  • Make you more attractive to others
  • and more!
DVD full of breathtaking video demonstrations of all the Advanced Love Magick presented in the manual

FREE “HIDDEN” BONUS GIFT #2 – Powerful But Controversial Advanced Course! ($97 value)



WARNING: Extreme caution must be taken before you use the material in this Advanced course! It contains controversial spells for advanced Witches only!

You will receive this free bonus exactly 1 month after you get everything else. (This is to make sure you will not try to use the information before you are ready)

This bonus course includes:

42-page manual with complete step-by-step information on a highly advanced and controversial type of Magick

(NOTE: Please keep the Witchcraft responsibilities and Code of Ethics in mind when using the Magick in this bonus course)

DVD with complete video examples of the spells! Also includes lecture material describing situations where this powerful Magick can be used, and when it should be avoided

FREE BONUS GIFT #3: Limited Edition Witchcraft Masters Audio CD ($79 Value)




Includes 2 hours of interviews with High Level Witches being grilled on the most important Magick and Witchcraft questions.

They answer the tough questions extremely well, and reveal a few secrets of ancient Magick not even covered in the Home Academy.

You will discover:

  • The secret to casting spells even if you are missing some of the ingredients
  • The first (and most important) thing any beginner will ever do in Witchcraft
  • The truth about why spells really work
  • How to discover why a spell didn't work, and how to "fix it"
  • Why Magick is not "evil"
  • Why Magick works just as well working by yourself (even in your own house)
  • The earth's little secret that has given Magick powers to everyone (all you need to do is "connect" to Magick)
  • How long it takes spells to work (it depends on the spell, and there is a secret to speed up the results)
  • The truth about exactly what Magick can do (you'll be amazed at what is possible)
  • How to cast an alternative to Revenge Spells (and the truth is, they work much better than Revenge Spells, without the bad karma!)
  • How to "change your course" if you see a Divination you don't like (and why looking in your future only shows the results of one path of the many)
  • The ingredients of my favorite - and most effective - Love potion (be careful when using this as it can draw more Love to you than you can handle)
  • Discover the 3 ways spirits will communicate with you
  • The 3 "backdoor" ways Magick can make you more attractive to others
Also includes transcript sheets and special quiz

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I'll Guide Our Higher Learning GroupAnd We'll Communicate Through Email And A Special Forum

We will share (and expand on) the Magick techniques I reveal. We will all work together to continue our education and ability to tap into Magick energy.

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"The first time I did it I received $75 for food and gas for the car."

Dear Rose,

I've done the "floor mopping" spell in your course twice! The first time I did it I received $75 for food and gas for the car.

The next time I did it, I got $30 to pay my electric bill.

Thank you so very much for what you have done for me.

Marilyn Thomas
Pensacola, Florida

"To know that even little ol' me can
cast spells... and they can work
is so refreshing."

Hi Rose,

I just want to thank you for putting together your Witchcraft Home Study Course, everything is so simple to do. To know that even little ol' me can cast spells... and they can work is so refreshing.

What is great about the spells in your course is that they can be adapted to suit our needs, and that we don't have to follow them to the letter.

Once again thank you Rose.

Brightest Blessings,

Hannah Hill
Senghenydd, United Kingdom

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"I especially love the dvds, they make me feel like I am in an actual class learning one on one."

Hello Rose,

I am just now on unit 2 and so far I'm in love with this program.
I especially love the dvds, they make me feel like I am in an actual class learning one on one.

I am very very very pleased with how it is arranged and organized.

All the questions that I wanted to know I have found in this program.

Thank You so very very very much,


Regina Moore
Los Angeles, California

"Monday I won $90, Tuesday I won $350... and I'm hoping for more today!"

Dear Rose:

I've been doing a different money spell from your course every day for 3 days.

I have seen some results. Monday I won $90, Tuesday I won $350... and I'm hoping for more today!

Thanks Rose.

Sonia Puccio
Burlington, Ontario

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"Now THAT is customer service!"

Dear Rose,

WOW! I just found out this morning that my course will be here sometime today! Now THAT is customer service! I didn't expect it to arrive for another week or so. You ARE the greatest!


Katherine A. Hurst
Glen Burnie, Maryland


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"Your course has improved my life a great deal already, and I haven't even completed the first unit yet."

Dear Rose,

I recieved the course package within 24 hours... that was fast!

Then I followed the first few items on the check list and the meditation.

I felt an energy around me, my days have gone by easy and without any problems.

I feel more calm and relaxed. Your course has improved my life a great deal already, and I haven't even completed the first unit yet.

Thanks again.

Robert J. Schaefer

Neshkoro, Wisconsin

"I have been studying witchcraft for many years, and this is the first product that has everything I need
in one course."


I have received your Mastering The Magick of Witchcraft Home Academy and I have to say, "I love it!"

I have worked through the first unit and I have learned so much already.

I have been studying witchcraft for many years, and this is the first product that has everything I need in one course.

Thanks for making this available, I'm so thankful to you!

Blessed Be,

Nathan Reynolds
Owensboro, Kentucky

Just imagine how things will be once you have gone through all of my lessons and mastered ancient Witchcraft Magick...

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"...thank you again for showing me that there are indeed honest and
true people out there

Hi Rose,

I've learned as much about Magick as I can on my own and checked out many many websites in the search for more true knowledge.

Something about you and your site has kept me coming back. It hit me after I listened to you there was a connection and trust there.

I felt it in my heart that I had found my teacher and I just wanted to say thank you again. I rarely find people I feel trust for, and I usually keep my guard up, however that wall came down once I found you.

So thank you again for showing me that there are indeed honest and true people out there, regardless of the fact that we may never meet in person I am now your loyal student and have faith in you!

Bless you for coming into my life.

Blessed Be!

Kimberly Stevens
Tasmania, Australia

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